High quality, custom proxies for casual play.


Random proxies for a huge discount!



A full gallery of all my designs available to print. Orders can take 2-3 weeks.


Special offers- up to 75% off


I can make new custom designs for you if what you want isn't on my site yet.


To get in touch with me for any special orders and questions



Can I use proxies in tournaments?

No. Proxies are unofficial cards purely for display and casual games where your playgroup has agreed to use proxies.

Do your proxies feel like a real card?

My proxies are very close to the quality of a real card, and my customers are always very pleased with the results. You can see a video of what my proxies look like on my YouTube channel, and the video is linked below this FAQ section.

How do you take payment?

To place an order, email me your address and the list of the cards you want, or a screenshot of your cart to iefennproxies@gmail.com. I'll send you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay with PayPal, or with credit or debit.

What is on the back of your proxies?

I don't use the original MtG card back on my cards, I have a custom design with my logo. You can also see this on the demo video.

What do the foil proxies look like?

Pretty close to a real MtG card foil. You can also see this on the demo video.

Do you ship internationally?

I will ship anywhere in the world, international shipping will cost $10.

Do you make custom commissions?

I can make custom cards that aren't on my site, just add that to the email when you order! Commissions cost $5 each.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at iefennproxies@gmail.com. I respond as quickly as I can to any questions.

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