I can make a new custom design for you for an additional $5.

The price only applies once if you order multiple copies of the same card.

(e.g. If you order four non-foil copies of a single custom design, it will cost $5 for the design, and $3 for each card.)

To add a custom card to your order, at the end of your order email add a list of what custom cards you want, quantity, and foil or non-foil.

Orders including custom cards may take longer than regular orders, depending on how busy I am. I also may turn down certain requests if my list of commissions is too long.

I usually use the official artwork for cards, but I may be able to do an alternate art of your request. Just email me if you have any questions.

I can also use any frame that I have listed on my site, so if you have a specific preference, just let me know if you'd prefer one of my styles. I can send you some options if you want as well, just shoot me an email.